Hi I’m Bart from DJ D-Vine Productions.

Over the past 20+ years we have been providing DJ services to clients, playing a variety of music, using our vast DJ experience, to ensure a successful party and event..

Our Success Recipe

Our primary concern is you and making your event successful and in order to do that, we always stay true to our motto “we listen to you”.

We aim to partner with you and be part of your event not just a service at it – we do this by engaging you before the event, working with you during the event and then getting feedback at the end . We facilitate this by learning about your event and guests pre-event, learning what music you want, building playlists with you(even burning you a last minute CD for your wedding day and putting it in the post), and working with your requests during the event. We do what it takes to make the event a success for YOU and for US, by listening to you.

Our Music

Our speciality is soul, r and b and hip hop from the 80s and 90s, However as true DJs our limits are your imagination and we play everything from Bollywood to dancehall to current day pop.And we do this flawlessly by listening to you.

Our Events

Our events are for both private clients as well as corporate clients and we have played a variety of events. Although our speciality is 40th birthday parties, we have played at 1sts, 18th s, 21st s, weddings and company Christmas parties to name a few. You have a party, call us, we play the music, we all have fun!

Let us listen to you to help you have a successful event where you listen to us.

Thanks and bye for now

Bart and DJ D-Vine Productions